Some of our Before and After shots ...

Lime,  Town Hall Repointing,  Town Hall Wall reconstruction,  Chimney Restoration,  Carp Library,  Hand built white oven




< Before

Rumford Fireplace built in 1732 by an Irish Stone Mason.  Calcium oxide mortar and rendered.  You can still fire up today!!  

View from the inside.  Hand cut segmented stone throat. 


Town Hall Repointing

< Before

Town Hall Built in 1880 Close up prior to repointing

After >

Finished product.


Town Hall Wall 




Results of water damage over time.

After >

Partially finished as you can see the huge improvement.


Chimney Restoration






Poorly constructed chimney ready to crumble and fall from 35 feet in the air.  




Finished product now structually sound and looks amazing!



Carp Library built in 1852 Repointed with lime mortar



Building in need of restoration to preserve the integrity and value.




Repointed and back to original state.  Huge improvement!



Kingston Frontenac Stone



This Masonry Heater was built in a 1890's residence.  Constructed with Kingston Frontenac Stone and calcium oxide mortar.  Hand built white oven.  The HEART of the home!!!

 The FIRE is out but the heat is ON!